About Me

My name is Jonathan van Wunnik. I am a UX designer by profession, but have also developed a passionate love for photographing nature and people. Since early 2017, my family and I live in Billund, Denmark.


Photography lets me see places and people — or people in their surroundings — in ways I wouldn’t see otherwise. It makes me slow down and really experience places.

I seek to express the unusual in the usual, and the unsung beauty in the common. Documenting a moment of stillness — an image of ordered balance in chaos — by isolating the human element, directing focus to it, and using the land- or cityscape as a natural backdrop.

I tend to bring this documentary street photography style also to my contract photography work — family and commercial portraits, as well as personal and corporate events.


Early 2017 my family and I moved from the city center of Rotterdam in the Netherlands to the countryside just outside of Billund in Denmark. Not only for work (my wife got a job at LEGO Education), but also to be closer to nature, to be outside more and explore our surroundings more often with our two wonderful kids — to experience a better life – work balance in general.

Obviously this also results in more photography opportunities for me and defines in a big way the subjects of my blog posts.